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Trawden Forest Neighbourhood Plan - Final Version

The Examiner has now completed his review of the submission version of the Neighbourhood Plan and has suggested a few alterations in wording to ensure the Policies are more robust.  These changes were accepted by the Parish Council at the meeting on 3rd September, and Pendle Borough Council have been informed of this.  The Plan (with its amendments) will be put before the Policy and Resources Committee on 18th September, then then Full Council meeting on 25th September.  If Pendle Borough Council agree to its content, then this will form part of the decision making in the Planning Process for our Parish.  Following this, a referendum will need to take place to ensure the people it affects (people living within the Parish) are also happy with its content.  This should be early November.  Please come and vote for it!  We have tried to ensure that any housing developments are kept within the settlement boundary (except for site 012) so that our areas do not spread across the green fields that we all enjoy as part of living here.


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