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Notification of Roadworks....

Roadname - Colne Road
Work Status - About To Start
Restrictions - Stop / Go boards
Description - Carriageway patching works.
Dates - 26/02/2018 - 02/03/2018
Operator - Lancashire County Council
Location Patches Between Burnley Rd And Green Meadow


I know that there is a lot of talk about potholes on various pages, but I thought it would be useful to post the link to the County Council's page for reporting them, and the phone number to request a claim form if you've had your car damaged. They are:
Report a defect:…/fault-search.aspx
Claim form: 0300 123 6780

Ball Grove Website

Ball Grove have a new website.  Why not take a look?  There's lot of information and some fabulous photo's on there.  The link is

Council Tax - 2017

For those who haven't already seen this on Facebook, just a note to explain why your proportion of your Council Tax paid to Trawden Forest Parish Council will be increasing.
As many of you know, the Parish Council are already responsible for ensuring delivery of some services within the Parish. These are currently all of the bus shelters, Lanehouse Lane Playground, roadside seating, Christmas decorations (the big tree at the Community Centre, the star at the Church and the star at Winewall) We also have to pay for the Countryside Footpath service, and have acquired the garage sites at both Cotton Tree and Ash Villa's on Colne Road. The Parish Council also supply the dog fouling bags on the Recreation Ground and near to the school in a bid to combat the ever increasing issues of people not picking up after their pets. We also support the fantastic work that the volunteers of Trawden in Bloom do, which keeps our villages looking their best. This, of course is reflected in the prizes that the group win year after year.
From April, we will be contributing 25% to the maintenance costs of Ball Grove as Pendle Borough Council would have cut back on the service it provides if not. We are also receiving some land transfers; of which we will have to cut the grass and maintain these sites.
There are also plans in place to repair the Victorian toilet on Skipton Road as it is now in a state of disrepair, and we fear that if it falls down, it would not be replaced.
The Parish Council also support the fantastic work that the Community Centre trustees do, and will be helping financially to the set-up of the new building as it is an asset to the whole village.
If you would like any more information about anything we do, please do get in touch

Parish Councillors

Councillors have an active interest and concern for their local community. They represent local people and work in partnership with them and others when necessary. They help facilitate the provision of local services and facilities and take decisions that form the policy of the Council.
Councillors are not paid and have to abide by a local government code of conduct and declare their financial interests in the parish. Councillors must also declare a personal or prejudicial interest in any matter under discussion at a parish council meetings.

Trawden Forest Neighbourhood Plan

Trawden Forest Parish Council, are starting the process of creating a Neighbourhood Plan. If you are interested in shaping the way our parish is developed, please click on the Neighbourhood Plan tab above.

     Parish Services


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Police News & Information

Duties & Powers 


Additional Responsibilities

As well as the Statutory responsibilities that the Parish Council provide, as from April 2016 and 2017, some services have been transferred from Pendle Borough Council to the Parish Council.  If the Parish Council did not take on these services, they would have disappeared.  These Services are:

Bus Shelters

Lanehouse Lane Playground

Roadside Seating

Selected pieces of grassed land

The parking area to the side of the Victorian Toilet

The whole length of the Tram Tracks from Church Street to the bus terminus

There are obviously costs attached to these services, hence your Council Tax increase for us. 

We also pay for the Christmas Tree at the Community Centre, the star at the Church and the star at Winewall


   Your Parish Councillors

The Parish Council is made up of 10 Councillors:

Cllr Barry Hodgson - Chairman

Cllr Paul Reyner - Vice Chairman



Cllr Barry Hodgson

Cllr Ruth Crompton

Cllr Ian Hartley

Cllr Paul Reyner

Cllr Beverley Robinson

Cllr David Barritt


Cllr Mark Attwood

Cotton Tree

Cllr David Storey

Cllr Clare Storey


Cllr John Dransfield


If you would like to contact any of the Councillors, please use the 'Contact Form' and your query will be dealt with

Councillors photo's
Here are pictures of all of the Parish Councillors
Cotton Tree Complete Poster for Display [...]
pub File [1.8 MB]

Trawden Forest Community Centre

The Centre is run by a Committee of Trustees made up of volunteers from the local community. It is entirely self-funded, covering running costs through user fees supplemented by fundraising.

Visit the website : Community Centre




Planning Applications

The Parish Council plays an active part in all local planning issues. It is probably the area of the Council's role that is best known to the community and which can be of the most importance.

Click here to go to the Local Council Planning Portal and enter the planning refrence number into the text based search system to show the application.



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